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Present Your Startup, the first format of Haarlemvalley, takes its inspiration from the popular TV shows Dragons Den and Shark Tank. A new bred of investing that combines making money with making a difference. The first edition of Present Your Startup, which took place in November 2014, was a huge success, with almost €300,000 in funding raised. In the year 2015 we surpassed this and put Haarlem on the map as a centre for entrepreneurship and innovation. Our finalists raised more than €1,4 million of which 400K in cash and 1 million in services.

Since June 1, 2015, our office was located at Grote Houtstraat 5, Haarlem’s first Startuphub. Since November 1, 2015 we moved to the head office of Rabobank Haarlem, Dreef 40, Haarlem. We are open every day from 9.00 – 17.00u so come on over to network, meet and learn from like-minded people and have fun!

Haarlemvalley.com was founded by Valerie Vallenduuk, attorney-partner at Vallenduuk Advocaten. She wondered: What do startups need?


Are you a startup in need of investment? Let us help! Our broad network of investors can help to bridge a financial gap and move your idea forward. We also offer a broadcasting platform that enables you to create your own web-tv. Investors thereby can follow your progress and invest. Simultaneously, it allows your startup to build a portfolio with potential investors. On top of that, we build, launch, promote and manage professional crowdfunding campaigns which are attractive for smaller investors. But that’s not all.


Haarlemvalley awards put a spotlight on the innovative spirit of startups. A cash prize is awarded to the most innovative startup. It will be presented to the winner at our third live event in November 2016.

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We offer all you need

Present Your Startup

Present Your Startup is the first format of Haarlemvalley. Seven great startups will have the posibility to pitch and promote their startup in the presence of 300 attendees (the crowd), a panel of investors and many more viewers via livestreaming. You can apply for this year’s edition by January 2016.

Prepare Your Startup

Prepare Your Startup is the startup accelator of Haarlemvalley. During two months we will take a close look at your startup and provide you with valuable tips and tricks. Our partners will give you more in-depth information during the classes. We will also make sure that your startup can get funding during the finals of Present Your Startup.

Meet Your Startup

Meet Your Startup are meetups organised by Haarlemvalley during which investors, startups and mentors will meet each other, share thoughts and exchange ideas. Please check the calendar for the next meet up. Do you want to get to know us before you subscribe? You are more than welcome to join us at one of our meetings. We hope to see you there!

Fund Your Startup

What do startups need? That’s right, you mostly need money to get your business going and to market your product. In the Netherlands, especially in and around Haarlem, opportunities for funding are everywhere. Let us help you seduce those investors. Aside from that, we also have our own fund.

Promote Your Startup

Yes, we know, you have a great idea! That great idea however needs a great marketing strategy. You need to put your idea out there, where it can shine. How else are your consumers going to find out you sell the product they have been waiting for? With our WEB TV platform you are able to buildscalable relationships by promoting your startup on video. Do you need video content and do you want our crowd to hear about you? Get more information during our meet ups.

Follow Your Startup

If your startup makes the finals and gets funded, we will be delighted to catch up with your latest developments. Watch the following finalists of last year tell us how they are doing.



See you around!

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